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Theatre centre to document impact of Covid-19 on young people in Tendring

A film project documenting the impact of Covid-19 on youngsters in Tendring is looking for people to take part.

The Princes Acting Centre is producing a living historical film called ‘Testimony of a Metaphor’, charting the highs and lows of the pandemic as experience by young people.

The finished film will be sent to the British Film Institute (BFI) archive to be saved as a record of pandemic.

Princes Acting Centre director Melissa Wenn will be working with Keith Kershaw, who has worked for the BFI and several London West End theatres – but who, due to recent events, is currently working on projects with young people in his home town of Clacton.

The Centre is looking for young people to share the experiences, fears and anxieties they have felt during the pandemic, whether it be about family and relationships, exams, going to university, finding work, or their anxieties about the future.

Melissa said the testimony could be a few words or a longer piece.

“We want to know what it is like for young people to live through a pandemic and hear about their experiences in their own words,” she said.

“We also want positive stories which include what they have overcome, new skills they have learnt and new relationships formed or a deepening of old ones.

“We hope to get enough statements to gain a real insight into the thoughts and feelings of young people in our community.”

The film will be premiered at the Princes Theatre, and offered to the BFI archive as an historical artistic snapshot of contemporary events.

Cllr Alex Porter, Cabinet Member for Leisure and Tourism at Tendring District Council – which runs the Princes Theatre where the acting centre is based – added: “While there are all manner of formal surveys being carried out into the impacts of Covid-19, this will take a really different – and local – look at how our young people are being affected by the pandemic.

“I am interested to see the end result, both in terms of artistry and the views of our young people.”

Testimonials can be submitted by under-21s, anonymously if they wish, and sent by email, voice or video recording to princesyouththeatre@gmail.com



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