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Tendring4Growth NHS Test & Trace Update for Businesses

As you may have seen in the news, the Government is launching its Covid-19 app next week (Thursday, 24 September). This app, part of the fight against the Coronavirus, not only allows ‘proximity tracing’ by recording when people pass in close contact with others; but it also encourages people to check in when they visit public spaces.

Today (Friday, 18 September), the Government has made it a legal requirement for some types of businesses (hospitality, tourism and leisure, and public buildings), to log details of customers – and from Thursday (24 September) to do so using the NHS QR Code posters where people can check in. We are awaiting the detailed guidance on the regulations, but further information can be found by clicking the button below.

It is also worth noting it also became a legal requirement today to uphold the Rule of Six with members of the public in your business.

Is your business ready for the app? As well as looking to download the app yourself when it launches, you can download and display QR code posters now at your public entrances so people can check in as having been present once the app launches.

This does not increase the chances of you being ‘shut down’ in the event of an outbreak. App users, if they receive an alert, will not be told which venue they were at. Similarly, the data will enable public health teams to swiftly identify any potential hotspots and work with them to make changes if needed and support businesses.

There is also guidance about what you need to do as a workplace, and it is worth considering how you will encourage your customers to check in beyond simply displaying a poster – is this something your reception staff or ‘meet and greet’ team can do?

By all using this app we help keep ourselves, staff colleagues, and the public that much safer from the risks of Covid-19. But remember, just because you have the app and display a QR code at your business, it doesn’t mean the end of Hands – Face – Space or other Covid-secure measures you have in place.