Harwich Town Council

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9.30am – 1pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Protocol For Public Speaking


In accordance with standing order 1d: a) Any written questions must be sent to the clerk at least 7 days before the meeting for the question to be read aloud by the person posing the question at the Full Council meeting. The Mayor will answer the question. There will then be an opportunity for ONE supplementary connected question on the night. b) Alternatively, members of the public may raise questions to the Council at the meeting of the Full Council without prior notification. Only 1 question may be asked by any one individual and for no longer than 3 minutes.


People wishing to speak for or against an application will be required to give their details, and the details of the application they wish to speak about, to the Clerk by 6.15pm on the day of the Planning Committee meeting. The application they wish to speak on should be on the Agenda for discussion that night. One speaker ‘for’ and one speaker ‘against’ each application will be allowed on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Only those people who have previously given their details to the clerk will be allowed to speak. The speaker will be allowed to speak for a maximum of 3 minutes.


A maximum of 15 minutes will be allowed at each meeting for questions to be put on items appearing on the agenda for that meeting. Only 1 question may be asked by any one individual and for no longer than 3 minutes