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Parks and cemeteries open in Tendring as residents reminded to heed social distancing

Cemeteries in Tendring are being re-opened for visitors following the latest Government information.

Tendring District Council (TDC) had closed cemeteries to visitors in line with industry guidance to support social distancing measures.

Following instructions from the Government over the weekend access is being restored for the public to the cemeteries.

However, residents are being reminded to follow social distancing guidelines while visiting graves, and to be mindful of the importance of handwashing especially after touching communal surfaces such as entrance gates.

The Crematorium at Weeley remains closed except for mourners attending services, with guests limited to immediate family only.

TDC parks and beaches around Tendring have remained open throughout the lockdown, but play areas within them are being kept closed again to support social distancing.

Residents and visitors are reminded that any daily exercise should be taken close to home, with travel to parks for exercise being proportionate – that is to say a short drive with exercise time far exceeding the length of the drive.

To support this approach TDC car parks remain closed, with the exception of Clacton High Street which can be used by shoppers buying essential goods.

Neil Stock OBE, TDC Leader, said the council recognised the importance of cemeteries and open spaces for residents’ well being.

“We understand that being able to visit a loved one’s grave or memorial is very important to people, and it had been a difficult decision to close our cemeteries as we balanced this need and the public health challenge we are currently facing,” Cllr Stock said.

“With the latest clear guidance from Government we are re-opened cemeteries, but would remind people to follow social distancing – stay at least six feet (two metres) away from others, and follow regular handwashing routines.

“Our parks and beaches are important spaces for people to be able to exercise and stay well while our lives are so restricted, and we have always kept these open for such purposes.

“Again, though, we would reiterate that people must only use this proportionately – once a day, for exercise alone or with people in your household, and you should not be taking anything more than a short journey to use these spaces.

“I would like to thank everyone who has been following these guidelines and using our open spaces responsibly, which has allowed us to keep them open.”

For the latest information on how Coronavirus is impacting TDC services visit www.tendringdc.gov.uk/coronavirus



For more information on this news release contact Tendring District Council’s Communications Manager Will Lodge on 01255 686338.