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New machines and staff to tidy up Tendring

New equipment and workers are to be put into service to help clean up the district.

Tendring District Council (TDC) purchased in September last year a street cleaning machine to give town centres a deep wash, and trials have shown excellent results.

Now TDC is also investing in a second piece of equipment to help clear up debris, including moving sand from seafronts back onto the beach.

The Bobcat has a digger function for sand removal but also has brush attachments – meaning it can be used in tandem to sweep up streets before the deep cleaner is used.

Additional staffing for public realm work is being put in place, meaning the authority will have dedicated staff working the machines.

Cllr Carlo Guglielmi, TDC Deputy Leader, said he was confident the work would have a real impact.

“Initial work with the street cleaner has shown just what a difference it makes on our pavements, but we know it will be even more effective when used alongside a brush machine to clear out bigger bits of dirt,” Cllr Guglielmi said.

“Having got to grips with the street cleaner, and with the additional kit and staff resource, we can now make a big, positive difference on the cleanliness of our town centres.

“As before, a full schedule of cleaning works – which are dependent on weather conditions – will commence from Easter, once the new machine and staff are in place.”

Street cleaning works will cease over winter, when weather conditions make it less effective, but the Bobcat will continue to work year-round.


For more information on this news release contact Tendring District Council’s Communications Manager Will Lodge on 01255 686338.

Attached image shows the street cleaning machine when it first hit the streets in September 2019. Picture: Will Lodge/TDC