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Holocaust Memorial Day commemorated in Harwich

Significant buildings throughout the country were illuminated purple over the weekend to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day and Harwich’s High Lighthouse was one of them.

Following the installation of the ‘Safe Haven’ Kindertransport memorial on Harwich Quay in 2022, Harwich Town Council took the decision to use the memorial as a focal point for a Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration and, working alongside the Harwich Kindertransport Memorial and Learning Trust, the first such event took place in 2023.

This year, having more time available to arrange the event, the act of commemoration at the memorial on Harwich Quay was accompanied by the illumination of Harwich’s High Lighthouse over the weekend as a visual act of respect.

Cllr. Garry Calver, who is Harwich Town Council’s lead member for the event, says

“The commemoration on Harwich Quay was well attended and greatly appreciated and the illumination of Harwich’s High Lighthouse received a lot of positive support.  Harwich Town Council is pleased to have been able to allow the community to come together for this important commemoration.”

Harwich Town Council is grateful to the Harwich Society for its assistance in enabling the High Lighthouse, which is a Harwich Society visitor attraction, to be illuminated.

Holocaust Memorial Day is on January 27th as it was on this date in 1945 that the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated.  The 2024 commemoration took place on Friday 26th January as the 27th January fell on the Jewish Sabbath.


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26 JAN 2024 Holocaust Memorial Day, Kindertransport Memorial, The Quay, Harwich. – Photos © Steve Brading 2024

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