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Harwich Festival – Digital Festival 2020

The Digital Harwich Festival has been launched in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and aims to continue to support Artists and the wider community through the continued delivery of art and cultural activities.

The Digital Festival is utilising the previously set Harwich Festival dates of 25th June 2020 to 5th July 2020 and there will be evening concerts of music and dance for the ten evenings of the festival.

As part of the festival, but with an extended deadline of 31st July 2020, the popular community activities for all: (20 x 20 Exhibition; the Harwich Shorts competition for Film-makers; and a Creative Writing in Lockdown) is also taking place. Instructional resources have been commissioned to encourage engagement in these activities and they will be appearing on the website shortly.

The Harwich Arts and Heritage Centre (HAHC) Grass Roots Live Music project is set to run for another eight weeks on Fridays at 7.45pm, except during the Fridays of the festival when the artists will will be performing at a slightly later time.

The Harwich Festival of the Arts Information Board contains links to a variety of online events and activities, accessed via this link – https://www.harwichfestival.co.uk/.