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Free help and advice from the Safer Essex Roads Partnership

As the elected representatives for the parish of Harwich & Dovercourt, it matters to us that our community is both safe and prosperous. Sometimes both of these factors are connected.

If you, or one of your employees or colleagues are involved in a road crash, the consequences can last for months or even years. The lost output, repair costs, vehicle replacement, staff absence and admin can be very expensive, as can the damage to your professional reputation if your vehicle is branded. There is also the pain, suffering and grief experienced by the driver or others caught up in the incident. We are not just talking about trucks and vans, this applies to anyone using the roads as part of the working day, however infrequently.

If you drive or operate vehicles as part of your business in Essex the Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) are offering free help and advice. Using the Driving for Better Business programme they offer free, no obligation, confidential guidance. Using a Road Safety Specialist they will update or provide a bespoke Driving for Work policy and consider how that policy is best communicated to all involved. With 1 in 3 crashes on our roads involving someone who is at work, it is well worth a look. It will save money. It will save lives.