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Community hubs set up in Tendring to support the most vulnerable

Community hubs have been set up in Tendring to support national Community Shield efforts.

The Government is offering support to those who are advised to shield themselves and isolate for 12 weeks, and who do not have a support network nearby who can provide them with essentials such as food and medicines.

Those shielding include people with chronic underlying health conditions, over-70s, and pregnant women.

Across the county the Essex Welfare Service is co-ordinating the response, and Tendring District Council (TDC) has set up two hubs within the local area to support the operation.

Already the service has stepped in to help households identified by Community Voluntary Services Tendring (CVST) as needing urgent food supplies.

Operated by redeployed TDC staff, the Tendring community hubs are also liaising with voluntary groups in the area to support their efforts – while a number of local businesses and supermarkets have also leant their support.

Neil Stock OBE, TDC Leader, urged those who needed help to seek it and not suffer in silence.

“If people have a support network close by who can help supply essential goods, food and medicines, then please use this help – who should leave deliveries on your doorstep and not have face-to-face contact. However, we recognise some people will not have this support network, and for those people we are here to help.

“This is not a ‘one time only’ offer. While we can only help those people who do not have their own support network, we recognise support networks may be fragile; friends, family members or neighbours who are currently getting supplies may have to go into self-isolation or fall ill. Therefore if your circumstances change, and people need our help, please get in touch.

“Although those identified as the most vulnerable should have already been contacted by the NHS, with a second phase of people due to be contacted this week, we don’t want anyone to slip through the net – so if you, or a friend, relative or neighbour needs support, please call the Essex Welfare Service so together we can make sure they are okay.

“I would also like to thank the hard-working staff at TDC who have done incredibly well to set this all up in just a matter of days.”

To contact the Tendring hubs call 01255 686700, with the phone line open from 9am until 4pm on weekdays.

To keep up-to-date with the impact on Coronavirus on TDC services, or for further information and advice, visit www.tendringdc.gov.uk/coronavirus.


For more information on this news release contact Tendring District Council’s Communications Manager Will Lodge on 01255 686338.

Attached images show TDC staff setting up the community hubs, Cllr Stock with the food parcels prepared for CVST, and CVST collecting the packs. Pictures: TDC

Notes to editors

Information on the Essex Welfare Service can be found at www.essexwelfareservice.org or people in need can call 0300 303 9988 (open weekdays 8am-7pm and weekends 10am-2pm).