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Businesses in Tendring written to with details of financial support

Companies across Tendring who may be eligible for financial support during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic have been written to by Tendring District Council (TDC).

Over recent weeks the Chancellor has unveiled a range of measures totalling a financial package of billions of pounds to bolster the national economy during the uncertain times ahead.

Following receipt of detailed guidance from Government, TDC is now writing to those businesses it believes are eligible for support encouraging them to sign up.

Business owners are encouraged to check their firm’s letterboxes and respond accordingly, while information can also be found at www.tendringdc.gov.uk/coronavirus.

The letter contains full details, but in summary businesses in the leisure, hospitality and retail sectors can get full rate relief for 2020/21 while the small business and rural rate relief schemes will continue to apply.

Where the council already knows no payments are due, direct debits will be automatically stopped before next month’s money is taken.

Details have also been announced of grants available to businesses, and firms will also be receiving information about how to access these in their letters.

Mary Newton, TDC Cabinet Member for Business and Economic Growth, said it was important local firms signed up where they could.

“Local businesses are the cornerstones of our economy, not only supplying goods and services for our residents but also providing jobs, and it is important we support them,” Cllr Newton said.

“That is why we have written to those we have details of encouraging them to register for support; we know at TDC, as shown through our Tendirng4Growth ethos, that we must do all we can to help business in our district.

“I would urge businesses to read through our letter and respond accordingly. Given the strong emphasis on tourism in our economy, this is particularly important for those in the leisure and hospitality sectors.”

Cllr Neil Stock OBE, TDC Leader, added: “While there is still much work to do in the fight to save lives during this pandemic, we are also already thinking about how we will recover once this virus has passed.

“With this in mind it is important that once the necessary restrictions on movement are lifted that our businesses are in a good position to spring back to life and help our district.”

Information for businesses, as well as local residents, about the impact of Covid-19 in Tendring can be found at www.tendringdc.gov.uk/coronavirus



For more information on this news release contact Tendring District Council’s Communications Manager Will Lodge on 01255 686338.