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Finance & GP Minutes 11th April 2016

MINUTES of the Meeting of the Finance & General Purposes Committee held at
The Guildhall,
Church Street,

on Monday 11th April 2016 at 7.06pm

Present: Cllrs Ashley, B Brown (from 7.18pm), Calver, Erskine,
I Henderson, McLeod, C Powell and F Powell
In the Chair: Councillor Morrison
Clerk: Ms Lucy Ballard
Also present: 0 members of the public, 0 members of the press.

Public Question Time: None 

F111/15 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Cllrs Ashley and J Henderson
F112/15 DECLARATIONS OF MEMBERS’ INTERESTS Cllr D McLeod declared an interest in the item 8 (Grassroots Charity) as he is a Trustee.
F113/15 MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING RESOLVED: that the Minutes and Confidential Minutes of the Finance & General Purposes meeting held on Wednesday 10th February 2016 (previously circulated) be approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman as a true record.
F115/15 MATTERS ARISING FROM PREVIOUS MINUTES • MIN 164/14 – The Clerk confirmed the contract with Promac, following receipt of two further quotations, for the resurfacing/construction of footpath at the Putting Green, as delegated to the Clerk in consultation with the Chair of F&GP.
F116/15 GRAND THEATRE OF LEMMINGSRESOLVED: To award £1000 s137 grant.

Peter Barrenger provided members with an update on the improvements to, and disabled access within the Guildhall, including the completion of the decorating, and the DDA toilet, which has been signed off by Building Control. He also confirmed completion of the training for the Loop System and is awaiting certification.  He’s submitted the order for the design and is awaiting that before being able to proceed with the works, which will need extensive work in the Chamber to install the system and therefore suggested it’s completed after Mayor Making.  He confirmed Phase 2 of the Putting Green improvements was in progress and works are expected to commence mid-May and will last approx.8 days.  He reported being unable to proceed with the reinforcing of the flagpole until the designs hadbeen approved by the surveyor, who he had been unable to reach by phone or other means.  It was agreed that due to the unacceptable delay, for a letter to be sent, recorded delivery, to the surveyor. Peter thanked everyone for their feedback in relation to the Town Guide, which is now published and has been delivered.  He also informed that he was in the throes of seeking quotations for the external decorating to the Guildhall. Cllr Calver congratulated Peter on the course achievement for the Loop system and declared his appreciation to him for attending the course.

F118/15 GUILDHALL TOILET REFURBISHMENTMembers considered the need to refurbish the ground floor toilets and the likely expenditure in doing so, based on a scheme of works put together by the Council’s Estates Supervisor. Peter confirmed that prior to any works commencing, that he would see to it that the walls were painted in time for Mayor Making. RESOLVED: to proceed with project after Mayor Making, setting aside £2750 to be expended from the Guildhall Refurbishment budget.
F119/15 CLERK’S OFFICE FURNITUREThe Chair briefed members on the current needs for updating the Clerk’s Office. Cllr Erskine suggested the £1000 for office chairs and incidentals be increased to £1500. RESOLVED: To purchase new office furniture to a maximum expenditure of £2000 to be expended from the Guildhall Refurbishment budget. FURTHER RESOLVED: To replace office chairs and incidentals to a maximum expenditure of £1500 to be expended from the Guildhall Refurbishment budget.
F120/15 GRASSROOTS CHARITYCllr McLeod left the room whilst members considered a request, from Grassroots Charity, to support their 2016 appeal. The Chair confirmed that whilst they do some wonderful work, Harwich Town Council has its own grant funding scheme to which local good causes could apply.  There is no control over where the funding goes otherwise and only part of the funding might go to good causes within Harwich and Dovercourt.  Cllr B Brown was against a general grant because it doesn’t meet with HTC’s funding criteria.  There was a general consensus to decline the request but to advise Grassroots that for any Harwich-based organisations that they are assisting, that additional grant aid may be available through HTC. RESOLVED: To send a letter of refusal