Elections May 2023 Results


Ward Candidate name Party Total Votes
Dovercourt All Saints Ward J Henderson Labour 1088 Elected
M Fowler Labour 893 Elected
D McLeod Labour 835 Elected
D Smith Labour 780 Elected
L Armstrong Labour 773 Elected
M Saunders Labour 769 Elected
Dovercourt Bay Ward G Calver Labour 450 Elected
D Chable Labour 353 Elected
Dovercourt Tollgate Ward P Morrison Labour 411 Elected
S Richardson Labour 309 Elected
J Wade Conservative and Unionist Party 284 Elected
Dovercourt Vines Ward S Fay Labour 0 Elected
W Davidson Labour 0 Elected
Harwich and Kingsway Ward I Henderson Labour 528 Elected
C Powell Labour 409 Elected
A Todd Labour 403 Elected