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Waste & Recycling

Tendring District Council are responsible for the provision of refuse, recycling and green waste collection services. Further information and contact details can be found on their website  01255 686868

Recycling bins and food caddies may be collected from Harwich Library in Kingsway, Dovercourt. 0345 603 7628 (Please check first with the library that they have stock!)

Please note that black bin bags are no longer provided by Tendring District Council.


Fly-tipping can be reported to Tendring District Council by phone, email or using their online form. Contact details and the reporting form can be found on their website

01255 686868

Benefits and Housing

Tendring District Council are responsible for the provision of local authority housing and housing benefit payments. Contact details are available on their website

01255 686868

Council Tax

If you have moved to or within the area, you will need to inform Tendring District Council so they can update your details. The Council Tax team contact details can be found on their website

01255 686868

Planning Services

Harwich Town Council are statutory consultees on all planning applications within the parish of Harwich and Dovercourt.  All planning applications and associated documentation can be viewed, and commented on, using Tendring District Council’s Public Access portal, which can be found on their website  The Planning team can be contacted directly on                             01255 686161 or by email on


Tendring District Council’s Public Experience team can be contacted for issues surrounding pest control, noise, rubbish accumulations, bonfires etc. Contact details can be found on their website 01255 686868

If you wish to contact the Dog Warden, please call 01255 686766 or email on

A small supply of dog poop bags are available, during opening hours, from the Guildhall in Church Street, Harwich. A contribution of 50p per pack is requested which is donated to the Dog’s Trust.

Health & Social Care

The provision of Social Services, for both children and adults, is dealt with by Essex County Council.  Further information including contact details is available on their website

For issues regarding the protection of children and adults, please contact Essex County Council or visit their contacts page for links to Living Well Essex.

Street Lighting

Essex County Council are responsible for the provision of most (not all) street lighting. To report a problem with a street light please visit the Highways section of their website On here you can find those lights which are maintained by Essex County Council, those with a known problem, and those that are included in the part night lighting programme.


Essex County Council are responsible, in most cases, for the maintenance of highways, including pavements.  Live travel information, as well as details on Major improvement schemes and winter travel (including their winter service) can be found by visiting the Highways website

To report a highways problem, such as potholes, please contact Essex County Highways’ Report a Problem page:

Tell us a problem!

Check existing problem


There is a number of on-street and off street parking available within Harwich and Dovercourt. Most off-street car parks are managed by Tendring District Council, and information on their location, opening hours and charges can be found either on their website  On here you’ll also find information about season tickets and permits.

On-street parking enforcement is the responsibility of Essex County Council, contracted to the North Essex Parking Partnership. NEPP can be contacted directly on 01206 282316, by email on or by visiting their website

Blue Badges

The Blue Badge scheme is run by Essex County Council and provides a national range of parking concessions to help severely disabled people travel independently, as either a driver or passenger, by allowing them to park close to their destination. Please be aware there is a £10 charge for a Blue Badge. To apply for a Blue Badge please call 0345 603 7630 or email

Bus Passes

The concessionary bus pass scheme is being run by Essex County Council. For information about bus passes, eligibility and an application form please contact Essex County Council on 0345 200 0388  or by email on or by visiting their website


Education and schooling falls under their responsibility of Essex County Council. Their website contains a wealth of information on primary and secondary schools, admissions, school transport, attendance and home education.