Environment & Community Committee Agenda – Thursday 28th March 2024

Guildhall, Church Street, Harwich, Essex CO12 3DS
Tel: 01255 507211
email: info@harwichtowncouncil.co.uk
Clerk: Mrs Marie Snell

A meeting of the
To be held
At Guildhall, Church Street, Harwich
on Thursday 28th March 2024 at 7.00pm

Public Question Time:15 minutes will be available for members of the public to ask questions in relation to items on the agenda only.


1 Apologies for Absence
To receive apologies for absence
2 Declarations of Members’ Interests
To receive any ‘Pecuniary’ or ‘Other Registrable’ interests relating to items on the agenda.
3 Minutes of Last Meeting
To approve as a correct record the minutes of the Environment & Community meeting held on 18th January 2024.
4 Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Last Meeting
To discuss and act upon information received following previous actions in relation to the following items:

·         E26/23 – Clerk to advise members that a new date is to be confirmed regarding the Wilder Town Initiative meeting with the Wilder Communities Manager in May.

5 Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

·         E27/23 – Clerk to update members ref tree planting at Cliff Park and that communications have been attempted to collaborate with Tendring District Council’s Levelling Up Scheme and consider alternative options.

6 Horticultural Report
To receive a report from the Horticultural Adviser and consider any necessary action.
7 LHP Panel
To receive a report on behalf of the LHP representative for HTC and consider any potential projects.
8 Litter Picking Initiative

Consider future date for litter picking initiative.

9 Biodiversity Policy

To consider adopting a Biodiversity Policy in consultation with guidance received and agree HTC’s Biodiversity Action Plan.

10 Matters Received in the Post or raised by members
11 Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Environment & Community Committee is on a date to be confirmed at The Guildhall, Church Street, Harwich.

Dated: 20th March 2024                                                                   

Mrs Marie Snell
Assistant Clerk to the Council