Grant Awards

The following organisations were awarded grant funding from Harwich Town Council for 2017/18/19/20/21:

All grants must be spent within a twelve month period!

‘Grant funding applications are considered 4 times a year by the Finance & General Purposes Committee. The date of the committee meetings for this Municipal year is June, date to be confirmed.  Completed applications must be submitted at least 10 working days prior to the meetings.’


April 2017 :                                         Harwich International Shanty Festival  £2,650.00

Costs for 2017 Festival (printing, advertising, venue hire)

April 2017 :                                         Grand Theatre of Lemmings £1,000.00

Performer costs for Festival of Imagination 2017

April 2017 : Reg no: 1119757           Harwich Festival of Arts £5,040.00

Costs towards lunch-time concerts; Costs towards the unsigned Live Music Festival; Costs towards the Willow Whale project; Marketing

July 2017 :                                          Harwich Quay Fireworks £1,500.00

New Year Firework display

July 2017 :                                          Harwich & District Indoor Bowls Club £1,000.00

To purchase a wheelchair

July 2017 :                                          London Bus Theatre Company £1,500.00

Costs towards production of Dock Town Story

July 2017 :       Reg no: 1144593       Teen Talk (Harwich) £200.00

Towards the purchase of additional equipment for their annual summer activities programme

September 2017Reg no: 297935   The Ark Centre £800.00

To cover training cost of support worker

October 2017 :      Reg no: 1108177   CVST  £15,000.00

Towards refurbishment costs

October 2017 :                                     Arrival of St Nicholas £120.00

Welcome of St Nicholas event and a gift for children attending

November 2017 :                               Harwich and District Social Stroke Group £500.00

To assist with cost of outings

December 2017 :                               Dovercourt Theatre Group £850.00

To assist with replacement double doors

February 2018: Reg no: 1171712    The Harwich Festival £4,400

To assist with cost of the 2018 festival

June 2018 :                                       The Pharos Charitable Trust £1,000

Marine Coatings for the restoration of the Light-vessel LV18

July 2018 :                                        Harwich & Dovercourt Cricket Club £3,000

Resurfacing of club car park

July 2018 :                                        Ark Family Resource Centre  £478.20

To install tapestry app

November 2018 :                             Arrival of St Nicholas Committee  £150.00

To purchase craft materials and confectionery for attendees

December 2018 :                               H & D events team

To contribute costs towards staging, DJ and reindeer

March 2019 :

Harwich & District Social Stroke Group  £500.00

Outings for victims & carers

Baby Bank Tendring  £500.00

Funding for purchase of new items for members

Harwich & District Community Crime Prevention Panel  £500.00

For the relaunch of ‘Rhyme Against Crime’

September 2019:

Harwich Quay Fireworks    £1,500.00

Towards the display of New Years Eve fireworks at Harwich Quay

Ark Family Resource Centre  £1,500.00

For replacement carpet in hallway and children’s nursery

One World in Harwich   £250.00

One World Event ‘Climate Changes Everything’

November 2019:

Harwich & Dovercourt Community Events Team   £1197.00

To contribute costs towards staging, DJ and reindeer

February 2020:

Harwich International Shanty Festival  £3250.00

Event cancelled £2727.00 refunded

April 2020:

The Pharos Charitable Trust £498.00

Marine Coatings for the restoration of the Light-vessel LV18


March 2021:

Grand Theatre of Lemmings £1,000.00

To contribute costs to the George The Bookworm project

Harwich Kinder transport Memorial & Learning Trust  £1000.00

To cover the cost of a memory bench as part of the project


Information on grant funding can be found here