Grant Awards

The following organisations were awarded grant funding from Harwich Town Council for 2017/18/19:

All grants must be spent within a twelve month period!


April 2017 :                                         Harwich International Shanty Festival  £2,650.00

Costs for 2017 Festival (printing, advertising, venue hire)

April 2017 :                                         Grand Theatre of Lemmings £1,000.00

Performer costs for Festival of Imagination 2017

April 2017 : Reg no: 1119757           Harwich Festival of Arts £5,040.00

Costs towards lunch-time concerts; Costs towards the unsigned Live Music Festival; Costs towards the Willow Whale project; Marketing

July 2017 :                                          Harwich Quay Fireworks £1,500.00

New Year Firework display

July 2017 :                                          Harwich & District Indoor Bowls Club £1,000.00

To purchase a wheelchair

July 2017 :                                          London Bus Theatre Company £1,500.00

Costs towards production of Dock Town Story

July 2017 : Reg no: 1144593            Teen Talk (Harwich) £200.00

Towards the purchase of additional equipment for their annual summer activities programme

September 2017Reg no: 297935   The Ark Centre £800.00

To cover training cost of support worker

October 2017 : Reg no: 1108177        CVST  £15,000.00

Towards refurbishment costs

October 2017 :                                     Arrival of St Nicholas £120.00

Welcome of St Nicholas event and a gift for children attending

November 2017 :                               Harwich and District Social Stroke Group £500.00

To assist with cost of outings

December 2017 :                               Dovercourt Theatre Group £850.00

To assist with replacement double doors

February 2018: Reg no: 1171712    The Harwich Festival £4,400

To assist with cost of the 2018 festival

June 2018 :                                       The Pharos Charitable Trust £1,000

Marine Coatings for the restoration of the Lightvessel LV18

July 2018 :                                        Harwich & Dovercourt Cricket Club £3,000

Resurfacing of club car park

Ark Family Resource Centre  £478.20

To install tapestry app

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