Full Council Meeting Agenda

Guildhall, Church Street, Harwich, Essex CO12 3DS
Tel: 01255 507211
email: info@harwichtowncouncil.co.uk
Clerk: Ms Lucy Ballard

To be held at
Mayflower Primary School, Main Road, Dovercourt CO12 4AJ
Tuesday 27th July 2021 at 7pm
Or at the rise of the TOWN PLANNING MEETING, whichever is the later



Guests – Acting Chief Insp. Martyn Richards, PCSO Ryan Duffett, Sergeant Vanessa Moss and PC Sarah Latchford

1 Apologies for Absence
To receive apologies for absence
2 Declarations of Members’ Interests
To receive any ‘pecuniary’ or ‘personal’ interests relating to items on the agenda
3 Public Questions
Questions pursuant to Standing Order 3
4 Mayor’s Announcements
The Mayor to give a brief report of engagements undertaken since the previous meeting
5 Minutes of Last Meeting
• To approve as a correct record the Minutes and Confidential Minutes of the meeting of Harwich Town Council held on 22nd June 2021 (circulated separately).
6       Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Last Meeting

• MIN 17/21 – Report back to members that permission has been granted by TDC for the Talent Pathway Programme to take place at the Skate Park on 17th August and preparations were underway for the event.

MIN 17/21 – To report on outcome of meeting with Gary Guiver of the Planning Team at TDC on 19th July following concerns raised over the planning permission at Harwich International Port and the impact on the former train ferry gantry.

• MIN 25/21 – AGAR submitted to auditor and receipt acknowledged on 25th June.  All other mandatory duties have been actioned.

MIN 30/21 – To confirm request for meeting acknowledged by Mayflower Medical Centre and dates of availability are awaited.

MIN 31/21 – To acknowledge letter by Town Cryer following endorsement of the appointment by Harwich Town Council.

7 Matters Arising from the Minutes of Previous Meetings

• MIN 26/20 – To provide update on boundary wall remedial works following emergency stabilisation.

8 Harwich Festival of the Arts

To report on changes to the Harwich Festival and the impact this has on their requirement for an HTC representative, and to consider other options for receiving updates as to their activities.

9 Brief Reports by Members appointed to outside bodies by the Council
10 Minutes of the Allotments Committee Meeting
To receive the Minutes and Confidential Minutes of the Allotments Committee meeting held on 24th June 2021 (circulated separately).
11 Minutes of the Last Environment & Community Committee Meeting
To receive the Minutes of the Environment & Community Committee meeting held on 1st July 2021 (circulated separately).
12 Minutes of the Last Finance & General Purposes Committee Meeting
To receive the Minutes and Confidential Minutes of the Finance & General Purposes Committee meeting held on 6th July 2021 (circulated separately).To consider the recommendation of the Committee in relation to grant funding for: Harwich Quay Fireworks
13 Accounts
To receive the financial report and to approve accounts for payment as per the schedule (circulated separately)
14 Correspondence Received in the Post or Raised by Members
• Report(s) from PCSO Ryan Duffett (for information)
15 Date of Next Meeting
The next meeting of Harwich Town Council is scheduled to be held on Tuesday 7th September 2021 at a venue to be confirmed, at 7.00pm, or at the rise of the Town Planning Committee, whichever is the later.

Dated: 21st July 2021

Lucy Ballard    

Ms Lucy Ballard
Clerk to the Council