Finance & General Purposes Committee Agenda

Guildhall, Church Street, Harwich, Essex CO12 3DS
Tel: 01255 507211

A meeting of the
to be held at
The Guildhall, Church Street, Harwich
on Tuesday 10th December 2019 at 7pm
or at the rise of the Planning Committee meeting, whichever is later


Public Question Time:
15 minutes will be available for members of the Public to ask questions in relation to items on the agenda only.


1. Apologies for absence
To receive apologies for absence.
2. Declarations of members’ interests
To receive any ‘pecuniary’ or ‘personal’ interests relating to items on the agenda.
3. Minutes of last meeting
– To approve as a correct record the Minutes of the meeting of the Finance & General Purposes Committee held on Monday 30th September 2019 (circulated separately)
4. Matters arising from the minutes
MIN F30/19 – To approve and additional £3.12 expended for the repair works to the former RNLI storage unit.• MIN F34/19 – To confirm that the council’s insurance will cover the damage to the youth shelter, but this is being treated as three separate claims and these have been authorised.  A firm date for the works is to be confirmed.

• MIN F35/19 – To confirm card reader purchased and tested and has been used successfully in the office already. Clerk has sought advice on how to process these transactions onto the accounts system.

5. Matters arising from previous minutes
6. Grant requests
To consider requests for grant funding as listed in the attached schedule:
7. Estates Supervisor Report
To give a report on the progress of current works since the last meeting.
8. Independent Review of the Accounts

Cllr D Smith to report findings following an independent review of the accounts and bank reconciliation for the periods Jul-Sep. (15th Nov).

9. Year End Closedown (Annual Return)
To approve expenditure of £560 plus 45ppm mileage and possible accommodation at £100 for the services of RBS to conduct Year End closedown with Clerk.And to continue with annual support and maintenance services in 2020/21 at a cost of £387; both to be expended from the Administration – Software Support budget.
10. Christmas 2019 Guildhall Closure
To consider closure of the Guildhall and Council offices over the Christmas period from 1pm on Tuesday 24th December 2019 – 9.30am on Thursday 2nd January 2020.
11. New office PC

To agree to purchase new office PC to replace existing laptop at a cost of £599 to be expended from the ICT EMR.

12. Leisure Season 2020

To consider opening dates/times for 2020 season.

13. Skatepark floodlights

To consider quotation for replacement of remaining 7 floodlights at a cost of £638.50 to be expended from the Skatepark maintenance budget in the 2020/21 financial year.

14. Payroll Services
To review services for 2019/20 and consider renewal of contract for 2020/21 at cost of £495 payable in two instalments, expended from the Administration – Subscriptions/Fees budget.
15. CCTV Maintenance

To agree to renew CCTV maintenance contact with Homeview for the financial year 2020/21 at a cost of £209 to be expended from the Hill School maintenance budget.

16. Shuttle Bus provision

To consider the provision of a shuttle bus service for the crew of cruise ships docking for transit calls at Harwich for the 2020 cruise season.  Quotations to be considered in confidential business.

17. Landscaping at the Hill School site/Planting at the Putting Green

To agree to renew existing arrangement with Tendring District Council for landscaping services and planting at the council-managed sites for the 2020/2021 year at an estimated cost of £1262 to be expended from the respective maintenance budgets.


18. Litter Pick at Skate park

To review services for 2019/20 and agree to renew contract with Veolia for litter picking services at the skate park and Putting Green at the current intervals/frequencies for 2020/21 at an estimated cost of £780 to be expended from the Leisure budget.

19. SLCC membership

To agree to renew Clerk’s membership for 2020/21 at a cost of £227 to be expended from the Subscriptions budget.

20. Budget/Precept 2020/21
To consider and recommend the budget and precept for the financial year 2020/2021.
21. Matters to be reported
• To note purchase of replacement floodlight bulb at the skate park at a cost of £245.00 to be expended from the Skatepark maintenance budget.
22 Matters received in the post or information raised by members
• Evaluation form received from Harwich International Shanty Festival following s137 grant funding.
23. Date for next meeting
The date of the next meeting of the Finance and General Purposes Committee is at 7pm, on Thursday 26th March 2020 the Guildhall, Church Street, Harwich.
24. Exclusion of public and press
Pursuant to Sub-Section 2 of Section 1 of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 the meeting is closed to the press and public for the transaction of the under-mentioned business:

  • Cruise Ship Shuttle Buses
  • Salary Reviews
25. Shuttle Buses

  • To consider quotations for the provision of a shuttle bus service for cruise ship crews during the 2020 cruise ship season.
• To agree to the expenditure of producing flyers to advertise the service at £44.  Both to be expended from the Economic Development budget.

26. Salary Reviews

• To conduct a review of staff salaries

3rd December 2019
Lucy Ballard

Ms Lucy Ballard
Clerk to the Council