Finance & General Purposes Committee Agenda

Guildhall, Church Street, Harwich, Essex CO12 3DS
Tel: 01255 507211

A meeting of the
to be held at
Mayflower Primary School, Main Road, Dovercourt CO12 4AJ
on Tuesday 6th July 2021 at 7pm
or at the rise of the Planning Committee,

whichever is later

Public Question Time:
15 minutes will be available for members of the Public to ask questions in relation to items on the agenda only.


1. Apologies for absence
To receive apologies for absence
2. Declarations of members’ interests
To receive any ‘pecuniary’ or ‘personal’ interests relating to items on the agenda
3. Election of Vice-Chair
To appoint a Vice-chair of the committee
4. Minutes of last meeting
– To approve as a correct record the Minutes and Confidential Minutes of the meeting of the Finance & General Purposes Committee held on Tuesday 23rd March 2021 (circulated separately).
5. Matters arising from the minutes
F78/20 – To confirm Cost of PAT training course was £5 greater than authorised due to original course provider withdrawing the course.  Course attended on 7th May.
6. Matters arising from previous minutes
F66/20 – To consider erecting a description of the recently- hung Poor Rate and Guildhall Deeds along with investigating the possibility of installing appropriate lighting in the hallway.
7. Grant requests
To consider requests for grant funding as listed in the attached schedule:
8. Estates Supervisor Report
To give a report on the progress of current works since the last meeting.
9. Guildhall Hire Charges
To consider the charges for hire of the Guildhall.
10. Independent Review of the Accounts

To report findings on behalf of Cllr D Smith following an independent review of the accounts and bank reconciliation for the periods Jan-Mar and Apr-Jun on 5th July.

11. Civic Robes

To arrange for Michaels Civic robes to inspect all civic robes, headwear and accessories and provide a detailed report for our records, with the view of recommencing the programme of replacement or repair later in the year.  The inspection is expected to be free of charge.

12. Banking and Investment Review

To review the council’s banking and investment arrangements.

13. Hill School Site

REF MIN F46/20 – to consider long-term grounds maintenance at the Hill School site.

• To agree to set up a small working party to carry out rent reviews in accordance with lease agreements and to report findings at the next meeting.

14. A Prospect of the Town & Harbour of Harwich

To agree to display the 1605 painting of Harwich by Jan Kip in the hallway of the Guildhall.  The print size being roughly 35”x24” costing £74.95 inc. delivery, in a frame size of 38”x30” at the cost of £255.30, to be expended from the FGP General Budget.  Delivery/collection milage costs of roughly £16 are additional.

Cllr Calver

15. Fire safety at the Guildhall and Putting Green

• To consider recommendations and costs for additional fire safety measures within the Guildhall following annual routine maintenance inspection.

• To consider recommendations and costs for additional fire safety measures at the Putting Green following 5-year routine electrical inspection.

16. Beach Hut Buddies

To consider offering vouchers for use at the putting green to support the initiative.

Cllr I Henderson

17. Request for Raffle prize and use of Golf Clubs

To consider a request from Great Oakley School Fete and Parish Villages in Bloom for a raffle prize and use of the Council’s clubs on a date to be confirmed.

18. IT and Email Policy

To review amendments to the policy to add information about the use of the website and adopt accordingly.

19. Bungie Trampolines

To consider the provision of this facility at the council-run putting greens.

20. Cleaning of the skate park

To consider options for the cleaning of the skate park

1.    To contract external services at the cost of £1300

2.    To hire the equipment at the cost of £30 p/day plus £20 each way delivery, subject to sourcing water.

3.    To purchase a battery powered pressure washer at the cost of £100

21. Matters to be reported

To note expenditure authorised through delegated authority of £100 for the 5-year electrical inspection at the Putting Green, to be expended from the Premises Fire & Safety budget.

To note expenditure authorised through delegated authority of £138 for the purchase of branded face coverings, to be expended from the Health & Safety budget.

• To note expenditure authorised through delegated authority of £16.24 to re-establish pitch ‘n’ putt holes and cement to secure fence repairs, to be expended from the Leisure Maintenance budget.

• To note expenditure authorised through delegated authority of £94.50 for the hire of a large screen to facilitate viewing at the 2021 Mayor Making, to be expended from the Covid Recovery EMR

• To note expenditure authorised through delegated authority for Emergency First Aid at Work training for Harwich Town Council employees and councillors at a cost of £315 to be expended from the Health & Safety budget.

• To note receipt of ‘New Apprenticeship Incentive’ of £1000, which has been credited to a new ‘Apprenticeship Incentive’ earmarked reserve.

• To note completion of Energy Performance Review at the buildings on the Hill School Site.

• To note that in relation to the National Employers’ pay offer to the National Joint Council (NJC) Unions in respect of staff covered by the local government services NJC (the Green Book) of an increase of 1.5% on all NJC pay points 1 and above with effect from 1 April 2021, the trade unions have written to the National Employers to reject the pay offer and have asked for urgent talks.

• To report a request to open the Putting Greens on two additional days to accommodate a putting tournament, subject to Covid restrictions.

22. Matters received in the post or information raised by members
• Letter of thanks/acknowledgement of grant from Harwich Kindertransport Memorial Fund, Grand Theatre of Lemmings and The Harwich International Shanty Festival.
23. Date for next meeting
The date of the next meeting of the Finance and General Purposes Committee is at 7pm, on Tuesday 21st September 2021 at The Guildhall, Church Street, Harwich.
24. Exclusion of public and press
Pursuant to Sub-Section 2 of Section 1 of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 the meeting is closed to the press and public for the transaction of the under-mentioned business:

  • Additional Key Holder
  • Apprentice end of probation review
  • Estates Supervisor end of probation review
25. Additional Key holder
To agree to re-issue the spare set of Guildhall keys to a councillor to be used as the need arises under the direction of the Council.
26. Apprentice end of probation review

To consider recommendation following an end of probation review.

27. Estates Supervisor end of probation review

To consider recommendation following and end of probation review.

Dated:  29th June 2021
                                                          Lucy Ballard

Ms Lucy Ballard
Clerk to the Council





Applicant Name:
Harwich Quay Fireworks

Andrew Tannock (Secretary to Committee)

Purpose of Grant:
To directly assist in funding all expenditure in producing a single non-profit-making event on 31st December 2021.

To provide a free to attend/view, firework display for the residents of Harwich, Dovercourt and surrounding areas, enhancing tourism and the town’s economy and profile.

Total cost of project:
Grant Requested:

Funds from other sources:
£11928 from own resources
Secured Y/N
Further funds to come from donations from individuals and local businesses.

Applicant Name:
Tendring Brass Band

Chris Morgan (Treasurer & Trustee)

Purpose of Grant:
To help fund the cost of attending the National Finals in September, including transport, equipment, accommodation, conducting costs, entry fee, music and rehearsal rooms.

With continual improvement, this will benefit those who attend the concerts.

Total cost of project:
Grant Requested:

Funds from other sources:
Secured Y/N