Finance & General Purposes Committee Agenda

Guildhall, Church Street, Harwich, Essex CO12 3DS
Tel: 01255 507211

A meeting of the
to be held at

Mayflower Primary School, Main Road

Wednesday 22nd September 2021 at 7pm


Public Question Time:
15 minutes will be available for members of the Public to ask questions in relation to items on the agenda only.


1. Apologies for absence
To receive apologies for absence
2. Declarations of members’ interests
To receive any ‘pecuniary’ or ‘personal’ interests relating to items on the agenda
3. Minutes of last meeting
– To approve as a correct record the Minutes and Confidential Minutes of the meeting of the Finance & General Purposes Committee held on Tuesday 6th July 2021 (circulated separately)
4. Matters arising from the minutes

F06/21Description of the Poor Rate and Guildhall Deeds has been framed and hung in the Guildhall hallway. (For information)

F14/21 – Hill School Site Landscaping – Clerk and Estates Supervisor met with TDC on site to confirm duties and frequency of each.

F15/21 A Prospect of the Town and Harbour of Harwich has been framed and hung in the Guildhall hallway. (For information)

F16/21Fire safety measures carried out at Guildhall. (For information)

F20/21 – Bungee Trampolines – To report finding of enquiries into the implications of providing this additional facility.

F21/21Pressure washer purchased, and skate park cleaned. (For information.)

5. Matters arising from previous minutes
• To review decision on rent freeze for 2021/22 to Hill School Site tenants.• F19/20 – Brickwork on buildings at the Hill School is complete and due to a change in method, the final invoice is £300 less than quoted. (For information)
6. Hill School Site Rent Reviews

To consider recommendations by Working Party in relation to mid-term rent reviews and consider conducting a second rent review in August 2022 subject to lease permissions, the investigation of which is at the cost of £275 for legal work.

7. Grant requests
To consider requests for grant funding as listed in the attached schedule:
8. Estates Supervisor Report
To give a report on the progress of current works since the last meeting.
9. Age Concern donation request

To consider request for donation

10.  Lighting in the Guildhall

To consider quotation for the installation of additional lighting in the hallway, subject to planning permission, if required.

11. Leisure season analysis 2021

To receive analysis for the 2021 season.

12. Putting Green Lease

Ref MIN F31/20 – To consider terms of draft lease and decide upon next action.

13. Civic Robes

Ref MIN F12/21 • To consider condition report and replacement package proposal, as follows:

Proposal One – Over 3 Years

• Replace ROBE003, 004, 005, 010 (4 New Robes in Total) and Cleaning of ROBE001, 002, 017, 018

Package Prices:

– Councillor Robe: £633.25 per robe

– Cleaning: £55 per robe

– Chain ribbon on Mayor’s robe £10

– Robe covers £37

Proposal Two – Over 4 Years

Replace ROBE003, 004, 005, 010 + 3 Spare Robes in report (8 Robes in Total) and Cleaning of ROBE001, 002, 017, 018

Package Prices:

– Councillor Robe: £573.65

– Cleaning: £55 per robe

– Chain ribbon on Mayor’s robe £10

– Robe covers £37

The purchases can be carried out flexibly over the chosen period depending on the   budget available.

14. Hill School Site – Boxing Club

• To consider request for parking of club vehicle on Hill School site.

• To consider purchase and installation of defibrillator on Hill School Site.

15. Matters to be reported

• To confirm that annual play inspection has taken place at the skate park and all recommendations for action have been carried out.

• WEF 11th September, the monthly tariffs for the council’s 2 current accounts will increase by £2 taking the total fees to the equivalent of £198 per annum.

• To note expenditure of £35 authorised through delegated authority for the pre-planning application in relation to investigating additional lighting in the hallway (MIN F06/21).

• The present Local Government pay offer is expected to be rejected by the unions when it goes out to ballot towards the end of September/early October.

• Anti-virus protection has been renewed until 7th August 2025 at a cost of £163.98 (£41 per annum).

• Battle of Britain Flag has been purchased via petty cash at the cost of £7.50.

16. Items received in the post or information raised by members
• Letter of thanks for grant received from Harwich Quay Fireworks
17. Date for next meeting
The date of the next meeting of the Finance and General Purposes Committee is at 7pm, on Wednesday 8th December 2021 at The Park Pavilion, Barrack Lane, Harwich

Dated:  15th September 2021

Ms L Ballard

Clerk to the Council