Bee Policy

Harwich Town Council Bee Policy

Adopted by the Allotments Committee on 17th April 2013 and amended on 27th March 2017

i)                   No bee hives/boxes to be placed on plots without the express written permission of Harwich Town Council.

ii)                All applications to be in writing and will be considered on an individual basis and subject to individual conditions.

 iii)             Tenants must accept full responsibility in writing for the hive/box and, in the case of a hive, either the tenant or the beekeeper must produce valid insurance and evidence they are suitably qualified to take care of a hive.  In the case of box, should a swarm occur, the tenant is responsible for ensuring that the bees are removed by a suitably qualified bee keeper at the tenant’s expense.

iv)              The tenant/beekeeper is to remove the hive/box immediately if requested to do so by Harwich Town Council and, if circumstances dictate, without notice.