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Town centre ambassadors to support a safe return to Tendring high streets

Two new ambassadors have begun visiting Tendring’s town centres to support a safe return of people to high streets in the district.

The Tendring District Council (TDC) staff will be supporting businesses to follow Coronavirus regulations, and also be on hand to guide shoppers and residents in staying Covid-secure when lockdown restrictions end on Wednesday (2 December).

As well as advising restaurants, pubs, shops and other businesses on the guidelines, the ambassadors will be the council’s eyes and ears on the ground able to identify hotspots that might need additional safety measures such as queues or barriers.

They will also follow-up on reports of businesses not following guidelines and work with them to ensure they comply. Any who do not will then be referred to TDC’s Environmental Health team for enforcement action.

Funded by a Government grant for local councils, the ambassadors’ focus will be engagement and education and the team does not have enforcement powers themselves.

Carlo Guglielmi, TDC Deputy Leader, said the two ambassadors would be a friendly face for businesses and shoppers alike.

“The vast majority of businesses and venues have complied scrupulously with the varying Covid-19 regulations to ensure the safety of their customers, which we are extremely grateful for,”

Cllr Guglielmi said.

“Likewise the majority of visitors to our town centres have complied with social distancing rules, mask-wearing (where not exempt) and frequent hand-washing.

“However, a handful of businesses have flouted the law while a minority of visitors seem to think the rules – which exist to keep us all safe – don’t apply to them. Our ambassadors will help to educate those to ensure we all work together to beat this virus.

“The council will always be very reasonable around enforcement, but where there is a persistent disregard for regulations, we will take adequate action.

“We know that many people will want to hit the streets and catch-up on Christmas shopping once the current restrictions end, and we really want people to support our local shops and restaurants in doing so.

“But please make sure you avoid crowds, follow measures such as wearing masks, queuing and one-way systems, and stay patient, so we do everything we can to avoid harsher restrictions in the future.”

Tendring residents are also being reminded of the council’s online live shopping event taking place from 6-7pm tomorrow (Tuesday 1 December) at www.facebook.com/TendringDC/posts/844351113065216



For more information on this news release contact Tendring District Council’s Communications Manager Will Lodge on 01255 686338.

Attached image shows TDC Covid Ambassadors Liam Noah (left) and Adam McGoldrick (right) with manager Russ Cole (centre). Picture: Matt Cattermole/TDC

A short video introducing the Covid Ambassadors is available for media to embed in their online articles here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9-aPUFEeDA