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Neighbourhood Watch Summer Security Advice

The long Summer days give an opportunity to check the security of the perimeter of your property.

  1. Keep front hedges trimmed low to aid visibility to your main entrance. If you can’t see your neighbours houses then they can’t see an invited visitor at your front door.
  2. Install side gates/fences to prevent intruders walking unhindered to the rear of your property. Keep them secured when not in use. Remember they are only as strong as their weakest point. Add weak top trellis or defensive topping (for 1.8m or higher fencing). Low gates and fences are not the best deterrent but can be improved with trellis work. Keep bins secured where they can’t be used to assist climbing.
  3. Work together with your neighbours to secure your homes. Look for weak points between the properties.
  4. Side and rear fencing should be 1.8m/6ft (or higher if planning permission has been obtained). Add extra defence as per side gates/fences. Secure fence panels with wooden wedges tapped into grooved retaining posts to prevent them from being lifted. Fence and gate horizontal framework can be used as a climbing aid therefore should be facing inwards towards your property wherever possible. The smooth face should be presented outwards. Double-fronted gates and fences can be purchased or constructed if required.
  5. Grow defensive planting at potential climbing and landing points around your property. Spikey plants such as Holly, Hawthorn, Berberis and Climbing Rose are good deterrents.
  6. Secure your sheds and outbuildings with good locks and alarms if possible. Secure tools by keeping them in a locked cabinet. Put metal grilles over shed windows, which tend to be a weak point.
  7. Enjoy the remainder of this exceptional Summer and stay safe.

Further advice on securing your property can be obtained at – https://www.essex.police.uk/advice/home-security/