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Local Pothole Initiative

Essex County Council has launched a local pothole repair programme in which councils are requested to identify up to 20 ‘hot spots’ for county to consider.

In response to this request, Harwich Town Council has identified the following areas which it considers to be the most serious in the area:

Priority Batch

Main Road, by Ash Court – 2591919

Church Street, outside Forrester’s & Hanover – 2591907

Dropped manhole cover by Ambulance Station and Bus Stop between Clayton Road and Regimental Way – 2592013

Hole and broken road outside Tower Hotel, Main Road – 2592018

Portland Avenue, top of the road – 2591911

Highfield Avenue, at the top by Main Road and no. 14 – 2591912

Highfield Avenue by Manor Lane footpath – 2592023

Main Road, by no. 519 – 2592011

Main Road, opposite junction to North Sea View – 2592005

Main Road, by no. 726 – 2591921


Second Batch

Oakley Road, junction to Dove Crescent – 2592009

Main Road, outside the Vaccumatic – 2591918

Oakley Road, by Hamford House, no.49 – 2592038

Oakley Road by Earlham Mews – 2592037

Oakley Road, junction into Bayview Crescent – 2592028

Entrance to South Hall Farm, Oakley Road – 2592041