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Harwich Town Council already working to make the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee special in Harwich

Seven months ahead of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Harwich Town Council is already engaged in ensuring it is a very special occasion within our town and has now officially launched a £15,000 project to take place alongside the national celebrations.

Harwich Town Council will be supporting all of the national events that have a local role such as the lighting of the historic beacon and the reading of the proclamation and, in addition, is commissioning the Harwich Festival to create a programme of events that will run in conjunction with the national celebrations.

The initial ideas for the jubilee celebrations were put together by a council working party in conjunction with Harwich Festival. These were then approved at a meeting of Harwich Town Council, held on Tuesday 23rd November, following a presentation given by Harwich Festival Artistic Director, Peter Davis. The meeting also approved a budget of £15,000 for the project.

The weekend of celebrations for the entire community will focus on Cliff Park along with use of the Park Pavilion in Barrack Lane.  The wide range of live events and entertainment is already in the planning stage and as it is loosely based on the National Big Lunch programme will also feature various food outlets and opportunities to meet and chat.

Peter Davis says

“The aims of this project are to provide a great day out for people of all ages,  to involve large parts of the community in the lead up and to leave a legacy of greater community cooperation and ideas and initiatives for the future’.”

The Mayor of Harwich, Cllr. Ivan Henderson, says

“This is a very special occasion and Harwich Town Council is determined to make it so in our town.  The Harwich Festival is so experienced at delivering this type of event we are delighted they have agreed to create a local celebration on our behalf.”

Chair of Harwich Town Council’s Finance committee, Cllr. Pam Morrison, says

“We have made a large budget available because this will be so special for Harwich and Dovercourt.  A platinum jubilee is a unique occasion and we want to ensure that sufficient funds are available to do it justice.”

For further information please contact

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