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First Aid Skills Workshops

St John Ambulance Community Champion and First Aid Skills Workshop

Funding by Department of Culture, Media and Sport  has given us the unique opportunity to engage with adults 50+ to support their communities to build confidence for everyone to learn simple first aid skills within their groups, families and friends. The benefits are beyond life saving skills, reducing social isolation, increase in confidence and social awareness.  This project will ensure we provide relevant information to those who need it most.  By working with local groups, housing schemes, networks and clubs we can build a resilient, confident and knowledgeable community able to treat one another with basic first aid – also knowing how to provide vital lifesaving support in those critical moments.   Attending a 75 minute workshop will give participants the five ways to save a life (including defib), along with day to day first aid tips. By making Pledges, small actions grow and our shared knowledge will create a lasting great impact.

We hope most of the attendees will wish to support us and become a Community Champion. They’ll receive a free resource pack to share with their friends and family, along with an informative season first aid newsletter.  You can download further information from the CVST website