Coronavirus – Covid 19


Further to the end of Plan-B measures and the lifting of restrictions by the Government, which came into force on 27th January, many of our existing control measures have now been relaxed.  Our main priority continues to be the safety of our staff as well as our customers, visitors, volunteers and contractors.  This is why we have decided to maintain some of the key protection measures, including:

  • Practicing good hand hygiene, in particular, hand washing and using hand sanitiser and social distancing where possible and a choice over the use of face coverings.
  • Frequent cleaning of used touchpoints.

Coming To The Guildhall

Those needing to come to the Guildhall for council business may continue to do so without an appointment and the council offices are open between 9.30am and 1pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All restrictions have now been withdrawn.

The Guildhall will be open for tours and you are asked to contact the council in advance to ensure the building and a guide is available.  Larger groups may be able to arrange a tour via The Harwich Society and they can be contacted directly on the Harwich Society website.

With effect from 4th February 2022, we will continue to encourage the use of face coverings where possible, when visiting the Guildhall although this will no longer be compulsory.

With effect from 24th February, there is no longer a requirement to encourage those remaining for longer than 5 minutes and who are able to, to ‘check in’ using the dedicated QR Code poster and this has now been withdrawn and all personal details of anyone visiting the Guildhall within the past 21 days has been destroyed.

Hand sanitiser will continue to be available and is located just inside the entrance to the Guildhall and a supply of face coverings are here if you need one too.

If you are displaying any of the symptoms of Covid-19 then please refrain from visiting the Guildhall.

Council Meetings

All council meetings will return to the Guildhall from March 2022.  Again we would encourage anyone attending our meetings to wear a face covering where possible although this is not compulsory.  A supply will be available if you need one.

If you are able to take a lateral flow test prior to attending a meeting, this will help in the efforts to keep everyone safe.  If you are displaying any of the symptoms of Covid-19 then please refrain from attending.

It is difficult to say when we will be free of all restrictions but we want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to protect you and our colleagues. That is why we are maintaining good practices to have a positive effect on reducing the spread of COVID-19.


COVID 19 Testing

Please check the latest guidance for living safely with Covid-19 at


Walk-in vaccinations

Where can I go to get a jab locally?

The vaccination bus comes to the Park Pavilion, in Barrack Lane, Harwich offering Pfizer vaccinations (1st, 2nd and booster) between 9am and 4pm on the following dates:

Dates will be posted here as they become known.

Please see the guidance on the NHS website for minimum wait time to be eligible for a booster vaccination.


Our Facilities


The skatepark is now open.

Putting Green

The Putting Green is now closed for the season.


Our allotments remain open.

Please respect others when visiting our sites.

Useful Links

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