Grant Awards

The following organisations were awarded grant funding from Harwich Town Council for 2016/2017:

April 2016:   Harwich International Shanty Festival           £2,500.00
Promotion of shanty singing & music in it’s role of the heritage for Harwich Town

April 2016:  Harwich Festival of Arts                                       £5,380.00
To raise the profile of Harwich as a hub of cultural activity

April 2016:  The Grand Theatre of Lemmings                       £1,000.00
A non profit company that creates celebratory events including outdoor theatre performances, festivals and carnivals

May 2016:  The Harwich Society                                              £1,500.00
To stimulate public interest in the Harwich area. Harwich Town Council also contributed £3,000.00 towards this very active worthwhile organisation

June 2016: The Ark Family Resource Centre                        £1,000.00
The centre focuses on the young and their families to advance education, help with domestic abuse and improve the general quality of life

June 2016: Horse Rangers Association Harwich Ltd           £1,000.00
Voluntary youth movement with horses helping young people to develop character, learn responsibility, leadership, care for others and more through teaching horsemanship

July 2016:  Harwich Quay Fireworks                                        £1,500.00
To provide a free admission firework display

December 2016: The Lifeboat Museum                                    £880.00
To help modernize the sailing loft of the museum

December 2016: Harwich & District Social Stroke Group     £500.00
To help stroke victims to mix socially with others in the same situation

December 2016: The Arrival of St Nicholas Committee        £130.00
To provide confectionary gifts for the children attending the service

April 2017 Harwich International Shanty Festival                    £2,650.00

April 2017 Grand Theatre of Lemmings                                    £1,000.00

April 2017 Harwich Festival of Arts                                           £5,040.00

July 2017 Harwich Quay Fireworks                                           £1,500.00

July 2017 Harwich & District Indoor Bowls Club                      £1,000.00

July 2017 London Bus Theatre Company                                 £1,500.00

July 2017 Teen Talk (Harwich)                                                   £200.00


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